Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Debt-based fiat currency system was doomed from the start, a mathematical guarantee.  How can you depend upon a monetary system that requires by the very nature of its structure a increase in debts perpetually, along with continually expanding money supply and inflation?  You can’t.  Our debt-based money system is a ponzi-scheme by design.  It is a wealth transferring mechanism.  The principle is printed and the interest is not.   How can such a system exist without continually transferring hard assets away from the savers and earners and towards the printers until everyone is in debt to their eyeballs and the system crashes?  That is exactly what the system was designed to do – profitable crash machine.  A transfer of wealth machine.  There is no other argument so sound as this: no fiat currency ever survived among tens of thousands of examples worldwide throughout history.  Every single one of them collapsed to zero value over time without any exception.  What began in 1913 is ending now and very profitably so for those who do nothing but print and manage debt paper.  Look at them, sitting on multi-billions and they didn’t produce a single economic good.  Those who took debt lost assets.  Those who printed took assets.  End of story. 

When will we stop participating in our own slavery?

– Tate Ulsaker


Eric King: This comment from Ron Paul, from his CNBC interview, sums up the situation we are in perfectly: “The system that replaced Bretton Woods was a non-viable system...So this is the unwinding of a system.”  This statement is short, simple and completely accurate.

Congressman Paul also stated, “We gained the power to issue the reserve currency of the world...We literally created the system.  It spread and it’s still trusted. The Dollar is trusted, and people still buy treasury bills, but all of that will come to an end.”

Ron Paul also commented, “We have not allowed for the liquidation of debt.  We have not allowed the elimination of the malinvestment.  It’s still in the system.”

Stop looking at the daily fluctuations in the price of gold; they are completely meaningless. Keep your eye on the big picture, and that is the secular structure of this bull market in gold.  Do not give up your “core” position in gold.  Learn to look at significant corrections in the gold market as opportunities to accumulate.

Change your mental mindset, and learn to think like a professional.  That is how you make the big money. This way, when big corrections happen in the gold market, you will view them as fire sales and learn to buy when everyone else is afraid.

Michael Nystrom constantly updates information regarding Ron Paul and a variety of other topics at his site DailyPaul.com and his was the first site to have this out on a blog today.

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