Monday, May 10, 2010

Louise Yamada: Gold $1,350-$1,500 On The Way to $2,000

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Could this be the breakout we have been waiting for in recent 1-2 years?


I ripped this (again) from Eric King’s excellent blog.






Louise Yamada: Gold $1,350-$1,500 On The Way to $2,000


Eric King: Louise Yamada gives a tremendous 4 minute interview on CNBC discussing gold and the stock market. Louise said “If we consider the overall view which is ours at least that this is a cyclical bull within a structural bear, that bear claw can come out at any time.”



When asked about gold Louise stated “Well gold remains in a structural bull market. It came out of the 18 month consolidation through 1,034 and what has happened over the past few months is nothing more than a normal consolidation, so we would be looking for gold to continue to rise.”


She also pointed out that the uptrend in the stock market has been broken and that is a warning sign. Louise is one of the best technicians in the world and it is well worth listening to both her CNBC and King World News interview which are both linked below.


To hear a more in depth interview with Louise Yamada recently on King World News CLICK HERE.


To see the interview at CNBC CLICK HERE.


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