Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Isn't this like pouring buckets of water INTO the leaky boat?

The problem is debt, so bailouts come in the form of more debt? Isn't this like pouring buckets of water INTO the leaky boat? - Tate Ulsaker
Our modern system of money has become nothing more than a giant wealth transfer mechanism, taking from all who earn and save while giving to those who print money and service the paper money generating mechanism.  This is a raid on the treasury.  Where are the trials for fraud and treason?  Why do people believe that money printed from thin air and then lent out at full face value for the benefit of the bankster class can save us. 
The problem is fiat currency and a debt-based system owned by private global families.  This system functions only when increasing amounts of debt are poured into the system because debts chase debts up the unsustainable hockey stick graph.  More debts isn't the solution to fix a system that requires forever more debts.
To fix the problem, we need Nuremberg type of trials with owners of the private Federal Reserve System defending this whole transfer of wealth mechanism.  It just might come to that. 
Rome fell and where are the Ceasars today?  Egypt fell and where are the Phaorahs today?  The globalists can fall and we can eliminate the private owners that print currency out of thin air.  Slavery is just one overthrow away, but we have to overthrow the real cause.  Not some darting ghost-like symptom of the problem. 

$1 Trillion EU Loan Package & Gold

Eric King:

Jim Sinclair commented after hearing of the EU plan "Paper currencies are headed to dust. Regardless of the first knee jerk market reaction, gold is going to $1650 and beyond due to nuclear suggestions of adding more debt to entities failing because of debt."  This event is yet another tremendous fundamental underpinning of phase II of the secular gold bull market.

Bloomberg reported that the EU put together an unprecedented close to $1 trillion loan package to stop a sovereign debt crisis. Here is a quote from the Bloomberg piece "The message has gotten through: the euro zone will defend its money," French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde told reporters in Brussels early today after markets punished inaction last week."

Jim Sinclair of wrote "A nuclear solution to Europe's debt problems is simply another way of saying "Quantitative Easing to Infinity...This is the EU Helicopter Drop coming up." 

It is important to look at the big picture in situations like this and in that context there is no way to stop the secular bull market in gold. Gold's bull market is more powerful than every central bank in the world combined and it cannot be stopped. Central banks have fought a skillful tactical and defensive retreat up until this point but in the end rest assured they will be routed.

To read Jim Sinclair's comments CLICK HERE.

To view the Bloomberg story CLICK HERE.

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