Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dollar at Death's Door

Dollar at Death's Door

Lindsey Williams says that has elite insider contacts to people who
run the world. Lindsey says that the elites plan to devalue the
dollar 30-50% in 2010...

... and then replace it with another currency in 2011. See link below...

The death of the dollar shouldn't surprise anyone. All baseless
currencies eventually die because they have no value other than the
paper they are printed on. And that a dollar collapse would be
controlled isn't surprising either, because a controlled collapse
allows for controlled profits to those printing ever more paper /
buying bankrupted assets for free.

The game is rigged. It always has been rigged. The dollar is being
set up for a massive collapse this year.

I have been on to this fact since early 2000s and now, 10 years later,
the collapse seems to be at the door.

What is bad news to holders of dollar-based financial instruments is
good news for holders of gold and silver. The time to trade devaluing
paper for booming precious metals is coming fast to a close soon.

The background on Lindsey Williams and how he got into the elite
circle of people who run the world is also a fascinating study, below
link is the first of 10 parts that walk through that if interested...

You don't have to have insider connections to the ruling elite of this
world to know that fiat currencies all devalue over time and
eventually die. We have ten thousand examples of currency crash in
world history, we don't have a single case where a fiat currency held
value over time. Not a single exception so why would anyone be

I believe we are near to that mathematically sound prediction that the
US dollar currency will not last. The crossroads couldn't be clearer
regarding what steps are prudent to take at times like these.

Best wishes,
Tate Ulsaker

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