Friday, November 21, 2008

Will Obama bring Change to America?

Yup... the globalist structures will move faster to defeat the US now with Obama.

Look no further than the constitutional crisis of his probable illigitimate Presidency!

  1. Lawsuits proliferate, including high visibility complaintants (NO birth certificate yet shown!) -->
  2. Kenya Ambassador says Obama born in Kenya. Source-->

Of course it will be played as a race issue. And of course to some it will be a race issue and the media will pick up on that angle for all to see and fight about.

Folks, all this looks too fishy to me... like the US is being set up for a a big fall and then of course we can all look forward to being a citizen of a one world monopoly government / currency / religion. For our security of course.

This is just the start of the show. More to come from here... Will Obama show his Birth Certificate prior to taking the oath? Does it matter?

I was called a Liberal by a close family member for supporting the anti-war postion of Mother Cindy Sheehan. Yet I feel myself far from all those false paradigms of left versus right or party versus party or race versus race. This is a show being run by big money interests and we are just spectators. We might as well admit that our own team is just playing a game and we are paying the ticket. It isn't left versus right. It is elite versus common, government versus citizen, corporation versus family, printer versus earner... top versus bottom in all those cases...

So if Obama really was born in Kenya and if he continues to deny showing his birth certificate, this will eventually bubble up to the mainstream artery of mass media and a constitutional crisis will be there to use as a pawn for instigating yet more divide and conquer distractions that keep Americans busily looking away from the money crimes and war crimes and ecological crimes of their two-party collusive corporate system.

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