Friday, November 21, 2008

Speaking of mass media deception... here are some more...

The floodgates seem to be opening now that crisis is upon us...


FORD, GM: Bankruptcy Filing Not an Option..

The above is all wrong.

The first news item should be "Show us that you are going to comply with our every demand and we will print the money from nothing and let you use it so long as it helps government get bigger and more intrusive."

The second news item should read "Ford, GM: Bankruptcy will kill sales and finish us off and it is the medicine we really need right now because the disease of energy reliance is terminal on the scale which we have become dependent."

Gee.... this news interpretation stuff feels extra easy knowing a few things about energy and money... the whole world makes sense.

I pity the people who try to make sense of the news by using the news as a lens from which to make sense of the news. Like studying madness to understand sanity. Can't be done.

Cheers, Tate

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