Friday, November 28, 2008

Citigroup is also predicting that this bizarre vacuum of space-time that we call "Deflationary Period" will end soon when a lot of inflation in prices starts to affect everything that we buy with currency.

So to be clear:
  1. Prices will rise in dollar terms from here forward.
  2. Prices will be either flat or lower in gold and silver terms here forward.

What is happening is that the dollar is getting printed into value-less-ness, thereby affecting all prices in dollars. And as a result, people of course exit the dollar and buy stuff. Stuff like food, a generator, a water purifier, and if anything is left over to save for a rainy day, a lot of people will get gold and silver. The effect of that will be, as all things rise in price compared to dollars, the price of gold and silver will go up faster because of their increased demand.

Now some strange things can also happen with gold and silver. They are such small markets compared to paper. The whole world is coming under inflationary pressures. With debt and housing, everyone was using their own currency and housing market to run into the housing bubble world wide. Now with gold and silver, there is just one ultra small yet global market. It won't take much to light this powder keg.
Not everyone in the world is able to get a suburban home in Iowa or a GM stock certificate from DOW Jones, but almost everyone knows how and why to get an ounce of silver or gold.
Bottom line: We could be looking at a perfect storm here in relation to supply and demand. And I further suspect that the globalist want a perfect storm in precious metals because 1) they have most of the stuff and 2) their actions of manipulation seems to be setting up the scenario quite nicely.

So if you missed the dot com boom, if you missed the housing boom, don't worry, you have in front of you the precious metals boom and the food boom. Just position yourself with silver and a garden.

Cheers, Tate

Citigroup says gold could rise above $2,000 next year as world unravels
Gold is poised for a dramatic surge and could blast through $2,000 an ounce by the end of next year as central banks flood the world's monetary system with liquidity, according to an internal client note from the US bank Citigroup.

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Last Updated: 7:29AM GMT 27 Nov 2008

An employee of Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K. displays a gold bar at the company's store in Tokyo Photo: Reuters

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