Thursday, November 27, 2008

Is it any surprise that Venezuela gave contracts out to all of the big Russian oil majors?

Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosneft, Surgut, TNK-BP to Pump, Refine Venezuelan Oil OAO Gazprom and four other Russian oil companies will create a joint venture with Petroleos de Venezuela SA to pump and refine oil from the South American nation's Orinoco Belt, Gazprom Deputy Chief Executive Officer Alexander Medvedev said today in Caracas.

If big bullies ultimately failed in high school, they also ultimately fail in global politics.

Being a big bully just makes everyone angry and spiteful.

The US has pushed 300 million innocent Americans into the bully image and we need to throw out our leaders sooner... 8-years is simply not acceptable. How many countries out there do we invade and then justify in the press saying that their own people should have overthrown their tyrants.

What about us?

American policy hacks need to be looking into the mirror introspectively for correction necessary to function in society.

Of course it is too late to make changes because our bully policies are reaping results that currently are snowballing out of control.

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