Tuesday, June 07, 2011

CNN forced to admit - 3 nuclear reactors melted down

Japan confirms that they are experiencing full-blown "China Syndrome" meltdowns in Fukushima.  Not controlled meltdowns like Chernobyl, but out of control, spilling into the air and ocean and spreading around the world even though the US Environmental Protection Agency and US Food and Drug Administration are refusing to follow protocol and monitor radiation levels in the ocean and fish respectively. 
Which countries were telling us that everthing would be fine, not to worry, just continue about your business, trust your government?  That would be Japan, US and most of the western mainstream press.
In contrast, which countries were giving warnings, criticizing the response and secrecy of Japanese authorities and specifically Tokyo Electric Power Co?  That would be China, South Korea, Iran and Russia to name a few.
There can be no sharper contrast.
On March 20, 2011, CNN reported: 
Who was right?  Obama and western mainstream press or is it the media from everyone else?
Honesty tends to flow more freely from sources that have less to gain by selling lies and more to gain by being honest.  This is why I like to listen to insiders who step up to the challenge and report difficult truths about their own country or organization.  These people can be found on alternative news sites that are run on a shoestring and reach millions of people because of the content supplied freely over the internet.
Alternative news on Fukushima - http://youtu.be/P3lSLpSHBuY 
Think about it - Is the western mass media a trustworthy source for informaton about the Fukushima disaster?  If not, then what else are they not trustworthy to report?  I can think of quite a few issues where reporting by western press is collusive, biased and wrong-headed.
Lesson - Power Corrupts. 
I suppose that when you have so much power consolidated by such a few big brands that own collectively most of the mainstream outlets, you will have collusion and bias and a sellout nature when it comes to reporting.  They collectively want "business as usual" moving forward... even if it means going off a cliff.
- by Tate Ulsaker

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