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Bilderberg is Busted - Let's Hope This Trend Continues!

Bilderberg is Busted - Let's Hope This Trend Continues!
Today the largest and most influential news site in the world has 5 stories on the Bilderberg Group ( archived here --> )
  1. Swiss Politicians To March On Bilderberg, Demand Arrest Of Kissinger...
  2. Italian Politician 'bloodied' sneaking into Bilderberg hotel...
  4. Secret Agenda Leaked by Mole...
  5. THE LIST...
What is the Bilderberg Group? 

"(I)n 1954, the international financiers decided that the world had become so small and their interests intersected so often, that they must have regular, annual meetings. That year they met at the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland, and took the name "Bilderberg" for themselves." - American Free Press

Why don't you know about this?

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."  - David Rockefeller, Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

Why are we hearing about this now?

Today is a new milestone for alternative news!  Radio talk show host Alex Jones has broken 3 concurrent stories about the secretive Bilderberg Group on the biggest news site in the world,
  1. The first story in red text tells the tale of Swiss People’s Party representative Dominique Baettig promising to march into the Bilderberg meeting and confront various attendees, including Henry Kissinger, and to make arrests.
  2. The second story tells about Italian MEP Mario Borghezio given a bloody nose by Bilderberg security as he attempted to sneak into the the meeting.
  3. The third story is a watered-down assessment of who these people are and the policies they plan to implement on the world from behind closed doors, out of sight from their electorate (a crime in many countries including the US).
  4. The fourth story comes from Alex Jones' site.  His organization is at liberty to report news as they see fit, unencumbered by "editorial review" by the corporate elite (who are not surprisingly represented heavily at Bilderberg meetings).  As this story concludes - "... the plan is to take down national sovereignty, impose drastic austerity measures, hold fire sales on national assets, consolidate wealth and power, and use an endless economic crisis as an excuse to usher in world government, a one-world currency, and a sprawling high-tech police state."
  5. The fifth story is a published list of this year's attendees, a who's who of global elite.  The people who push for their unilateral and autocratic "New World Order" (their term) are represented by the giants of global finance, government, industry and military.
Why is this a big deal? 
Bilderberg breaking on a site like Drudge is a big deal because alternative news researchers and whistle blowers have been reporting on this organization for many years without much affect.  Jim Tucker has been following and reporting on the Bilderberg Group for 25-years and hasn't broken anything this big into the mainstream... until now.
It all started just recently, only a few years ago.  Groups like "We Are Change" have been confronting Bilderberg attendees about their illegal record of attendance at these meetings and publishing video accounts on Youtube.  Using less conventional means of getting alternative news out to the public, mass media is all but lost in the new Internet media like dinasaurs in a tar pit.  Their only recourse is to restrict the Internet.
Where are other credible sources located so that I can research this for myself?
There have been many alternative efforts eroding the walls of mass media silence over the years:
Investigative Documentaries -
  1. Secret Societies - Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura
  2. Wake Up Call - New World Order (2008)
  3. Secret Societies: The Bilderberg Group
Investigative Books -
  1. Review of Jim Tucker's book "Bilderberg Diary"
  2. Review of Daniel Estulin's book "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group"
Archives on Websites -
  1. website (ha, are the Bilderbergers too worried about closing down this site for fear of making them more popular?) -
  2. List of news articles and videos on an Alex Jones site -
What do Bilderberg members think about all this unwanted openness?
According to reports from insider-moles who allegedly go to Bilderberg meetings, the elites are very concerned about being published, confronted, having their record of illegal behind-closed-doors policy making published and critiqued (even aggressively confronted here and here) by the newly informed public.
Is the era of Bilderberg secrecy finally coming to an end after over 5 decades of complicit news blackout by the elite mass media (whose owners are also long time attendees)?  Let's hope so. 
What else are they accused of conspiring throughout the last 5+ decades?
The Bilderberg Group was principally responsible for 1) establishing the EU, 2) the Euro currency, engineering through the media and lawmakers and politicians immigration and social policies that 3) erode national sovereignty of the US and Europe, placing friendly insiders into positions as 4) heads of state to further their global government agenda, 5) expanding profitable resource-wars in the Middle East without votes at home or provocation abroad, bringing about efforts to 6) tax carbon use on small entities while handing out exemptions to their insider buddies, putting out policy papers that seek to 7) restrict and tax the free Internet, expansion of Orwellian 8) police state structures on the false premise that society will be safer if all liberties are taken away and handed over to an unaccountable elite structure that tracks and traces everything we do, and of course the massive transfer of wealth away from state coffers into the hands of insider financiers via the 9) banker bailouts, trillions given to elites who are chiefly responsible for crashing risky derivatives bubbles that set the global recession into motion and now of course these same insiders are using free bailout trillions to buy up depressed assets in the environment of crash that they created.  News media incorrectly calls these people "incompetent" because they are unable to fix the economy with QE1, QE2 and austerity measures.  In fact, these people are not incompetent at all, they are criminals raiding the tresury under the color of law and false pretense.
Aren't these the very same people who tell us "If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear" as they track and trace everything the common people do.
Is Bilderberg really breaking news on Drudge right now?
Getting this kind of news onto Drudge is more valuable than the rare opinion piece that makes it through the mass media gatekeepers. Now that the Bilderberg non-secret has made it prominently onto Drudgereport, we can expect to see more of it elsewhere.  Drudge is credited with breaking the attempted spiked story of Monica Lewinsky in 1998, proving that corporate-owned media can't plug all the leaks.  Now more than a decade later, the same lessons are being learned by the corporate media.
According to MuStat, the Drudge Report reaches 1.5 million unique visitors per day while Alex Jones' main website brings in 350,000 unique visitors per day - about 1/4 as much.  That means, for every day Alex Jones broadcasts his message on Drudge, he is effectively reaching 1.5 million people that wouldn't normally visit his site.  In addition, the Drudge readers tend to be media savvy and consider Drudge to be a news maker.  It only takes a push to set a snowball effect into motion.
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The above compiled by Tate Ulsaker
Founder of Direct INFO
Branch Manager of Advanced Personnel in Nelson, NZ
"Anyone may publish anything I write anywhere they wish without permission, just please link it back if convenient to do so." - Tate

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