Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New Zealand is an Increasingly Recognized Anti-Crash Location among the wealthy and well-connected.
By no means is the survival movement a new phenomena, and this wouldn't be the first time I saw New Zealand as a desired destination in times of global economic collapse and war.  However, I found on the latest subscription newsletter called "Without Borders" from Casey's Research, a sort of insider's guide to crash specifically targeting the wealthy international investor type of person.  I believe that New Zealand will increasingly be on the short list of the wealthy and well-connected.  If just 1/10th of 1% of the world came here, we would have more than double the current population.  It might be time to tighten immigration laws for New Zealand if this destination is going to remain attractive.
Thanks to SW from Belgium and China for the newsletter.  I cut the below interesting little snippet from that issue.  Enjoy!
- Tate Ulsaker

New Zealand

We last wrote about New Zealand a little over a
year ago and we plan on making a trip back there
this year. Many of our friends spend part of the
year there and the more we hear the more we want
to explore the options. If Uruguay is no longer an
option then New Zealand may move up to the top
of the list as a place to establish residency. New
Zealand has a lot to offer from a lifestyle and
security perspective especially for families. As we
mentioned in the Welcome Letter our friend Mark
just put together a comprehensive ebook which we
think is probably the best source of information for
anyone thinking about becoming a part time or full
time Kiwi. We are not in the business of selling
ebooks. Most of the ones out there about living
abroad are thinly disguised propaganda or
marketing material but Mark has really done an
excellent job of compiling all the information

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