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Jim Rickards Discovers IMF Gold-Based Currency Document

The IMF is considering what to do after the US currency collapse.  Guess what they want?  Gold!
This should get very interesting for the gold bulls because all of their wildest dreams could happen overnight.
Will the globalist want a world currency based on gold and at the same time will they make gold illegal to hold?
And how about silver, the investment + industrial metal?
I would rather hold illegal gold and silver for the long term than hold whatever paper currency these guys invent. 
The IMF document is accessible on a link at the bottom of this blog.  It is highly readable and interesting.  No doubt, they are intersted in putting gold into the formula for the new currency post dollar collapse and I can just see them pushing this "new and improved post-collapse currency" non-solution over the airwaves.  It is going to be just another ponzi scheme for these guys to keep control into the next era where we again build up the post collapse world while the printers once again rake in profits on the backs of earners.  Nothing in this world will change so long as we don't have a sound money system.  And if these guys currently in control of things are presenting a new system then without a doubt, it will be rigged.
Cheers, Tate

Jim Rickards - Discovers IMF Document



The IMF distributed a document late on a Friday when its representatives thought no one would catch it. Leave it to Jim Rickards of Omnis Inc. to track it down. The IMF document discusses the gold standard and gold's role as a monetary unit. Jim discussed the importance of this in our interview released yesterday and below is a link of the IMF document he located.


From the opening of the IMF Document:

"Under the Gold Standard, the major national currencies were freely convertible to gold at a fixed exchange rate, with adjustment largely undertaken through flexible prices, wages and income. This system survived up to the outbreak of the First World War, and while it was subsequently re-established in a modified form following a painful period of post-war disinflation, the economic and political strains of the Great Depression led to the system's ultimate collapse in the 1930s."


They left out the fact that the Federal Reserve was created one year prior to the outbreak of World War I and it helped to fuel the credit boom which caused so many dislocations and human suffering.


Putting that aside for a moment because that is a discussion for another day, the very fact that an IMF document  was discussing a history of gold in such detail as this one does surprised me. There is much more in the IMF piece, but let's move on to Jim Rickards thoughts from his interview:


"But the alternative is to find another engine, another liquidity pump if you will, and that's clearly what the G-20 leadership would like to do, and their sort of chosen candidate are the SDR's, and their chosen vehicle is the IMF. So basically the IMF putting out SDR's, will over time displace the Fed printing dollars as the engine of world trade, world liquidity and world growth."


"So, that can't happen overnight, that is a momentous shift. It's going to require a lot of consensus building among the G-20 members. So what they do is they put these papers out, get the dialogue going and get it on the agenda, talk about it, get people kind of used to it. The average citizen has kind of no idea, it's not that their dumb it's just that they're not necessarily informed or trained in this fairly technical area, and so it's the kind of thing the elites can pull off without a lot of accountability and they are definitely headed in that direction."


Jim's interview covers tremendous ground. It is linked below.


Eric King


To hear the recent in-depth interview with Jim Rickards on King World News CLICK HERE.


To read the IMF document CLICK HERE.

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