Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bankers are not incompetent, Karl Denninger' analysis is.
- By Tate Ulsaker

In the latest post from Karl Denninger titled "There Is Only One Solution To The Banking Crisis", he surmises,

"The country stands on the precipice... Thanks to the arrogance, hubristic
strutting and serial incompetence of the Government and a group of bankers, the
possibility of national bankruptcy is not unrealistic."

I am going to stop reading or taking seriously people who think that our banker-globalist class are incompetant.

  • It is like calling carpet bombing of civilian homes incompetent as the bodies get buried under the rubble as planned.
  • It is like calling a sniper assassin incompetent as the target drops to the ground as planned.
  • It is like calling a demolition expert incompetent when the building implodes and then falls down as planned.

All of these things represent COMPETENT DESTRUCTION.

Except in the banker case, they get 8.5 trillion dollars for their "incompetence" and they also get a "get out of jail card free" because they wrote into the bill that everything needs to be done in secret.

It is the incompetence of journalists and analysts that can't tell a bank robbery when they see one.

The treasury is being RAIDED and the economy is being IMPLODED on purpose by crafty, devious, accurate, talented, bold, greedy people.

The banker-printer-globalist-elitist class can be called a lot of things, but they cannot be called incompetent.

You Karl Denninger, are incompetent!

By your false analysis into the obviously deliberate crimes by the banker class, you hinder or block our chances for a proper investigation and prosecution.

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