Sunday, August 21, 2005

Every Competent Analyst Predicts a Mighty Fall of the USA

"It's over. For the U.S. to win the Iraq war requires three things: defeating the Iraqi resistance; establishing a stable government in Iraq that is friendly to the U.S.; maintaining the support of the American people while the first two are being done. None of these three seem any longer possible. First, the U.S. military itself no longer believes it can defeat the resistance. Secondly, the likelihood that the Iraqi politicians can agree on a constitution is almost nil, and therefore the likelihood of a minimally stable central government is almost nil. Thirdly, the U.S. public is turning against the war because it sees no 'light at the end of the tunnel.'"

Taken from:
Commentary No. 167, August 15, 2005
"The U.S. Has Lost the Iraq War"
by Immanuel Wallerstein


Yes, it is over. Good analysis from Immanuel Wallerstein and he is basically saying what I was saying 2-years ago. Check this out....

Prepare for strife
- by Tate Ulsaker, March 27, 2003

To the Editor,

"...Daniel 7:4 - "The first [was] like a lion, and had eagle's wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man's heart was given to it." A translation of this "first beast" setting off a final war might be: Lion = UK, Eagle = US, wings may indicate air superiority, man's heart may indicate a new humility which is sure to follow a great Roman fall. Are we seeing the beginnings of this prophesy take place?

I would suggest, whether secular or spiritual, that we not exhort each other to seek peace but rather to prepare for the coming strife. We can see the weather tomorrow. Can't we also see the times in which we live?"


Truth can come from any valid study, be it spiritual, economic, political and other sciences. To find the truth, all you need is desire. Knock and understanding will open to you.

My article was submitted in March 2003, during the euphoria of the US "victorious" invasion when we were going to stomp on Saddam and bring democracy to Iraq. Few asked why the United States supported the rise of Saddam when he was a counterweight to our other failed coup in Iran. The darkness of the American mind is impennatrable when it comse to wrongful acts of their own government but truth is a bitter pill for apologists.

Let's go back to that date in March. While all of that euphoria was capturing the hearts and minds of America, why was I one of the few Americans saying that the US would lose the war and fail as a nation?

Back then, with all of that "shock and awe" bombing on TV, what American would have predicted failure. Certainly not one who was watching TV. And after all of those bombs hit their "hardened military targets", then we had the "speed kills" dash from the coastal launching bases through peasant towns towards Baghdad, which fell without much resistance.

At that time, more than half of all Americans believed that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, according to an Associated Press poll conducted shortly after the invasion.

Don't forget all of the euphoria out there in zombie-land at that time. And let's be clear, "zombie-land" describes accurately that special relationship that the American public has with their mass-media outlets.

Zombies refused to think then and they refuse to think now.

OK, so we see what 2 years can do to the "world's only superpower" when it fights an unjust war with a losing strategy against a popular rebellion. And now, what are the key indicators showing what will happen to America in the soon future?

A Few Critical Economic Indicators:
1) Historic high debt-to-gdp ratio (higher than 1929)
2) Historic high debt-to-equity ratio (housing bubble way off the charts)
3) Stocks still not corrected from high pe ratios (stock bubble)
4) Loss of manufacturing jobs to China, India (trade deficit can only get worse or collapse)
5) Dollar losing global reserve status and value and we are extending our debts by printing rather than contracting government budgets (collapse of the dollar is imminent)

Have a look at the above graph. I couldn't find one with the 2004 year end update so I made it myself using government numbers.

If that graph doesn't ring alarm bells, then nothing I or anybody says can make any difference. Just keep taking debt America. Keep allowing government to get bigger. Keep relying upon government to "do something" for you. Maybe it will work next time.

Although, let's consider the track record of the US government first, shall we? I mean, what happened when they declared a war on poverty? Poverty skyrocketed. War on drugs? Drug use skyrocketed. War on terror? Ha!

And why is that?

Because the job of government, as a power structure, is to expand by whatever means possible. The easiest way in an environment like America, is to raise taxes and fees and public debts incramentally forever, and claim that expanding government is a "service" to society. And all of those extra bureaucrats didn't help distribute wealth, they helped consume it. And all of those extra government services designed to help end poverty actually helped expand dependency and demand for big government. Meanwhile, the private sector produces continually less of the wealth for a nation because the cost of doing business increases. Big governemnt to end poverty? More likely create poverty.

And what about drug use? The US government is so big and balkanized that we have plenty of components of government actually bringing in the drugs, using the DEA and CIA and big city police departments. Don't believe me? Good, you shouldn't. Check it out for yourselves. Ask Mike Ruppert, former LAPD and dozens of other credible whistleblowers. The little guys on the front line have a better chance of telling the truth than a carefully crafted administration policy report, right? Good, we are on the same page with that one.

And terror? Well, do what Alex Jones said on that one. type "P2OG" into a search engine.

Did you see that? Amazing isn't it? So we have proof that the Pentagon is getting at least as dirty as these illusive terrorist masterminds they claim to be trying to capture. This may lead some of us to question what happens when both sides of a conflict are engaging in an escillating terror war? Could we be seeing more terror in the future as a result? And when one side has a long history of being paid CIA and MI6 assets (Al-Quaida), specifically for purposes of carrying out terror acts, then one has to wonder who benefits from all this terror as government gets bigger and more intrusive. Right? Still with me? It is all about "Cui bono?" Who benefits?

A Few Spiritual Indicators:
1) At the peak empire, the general public knows instinctively that empire is collapsing, so they enter into a state of denial manifest though haughty, arrogant behavior. This is a big mistake. In fact, the opposite is required. Humility will save the soul of America while empire collapses.
2) RFID microchip implants are a beast-ly way to control a population, especially when it is mixed with the national ID card.
3) Global government is becoming a reality, from NAFTA to CAFTA to the world's more powerful trading zones. A strict policy to keep open borders will continue to support a stong trend away from nation-power, towards global power. Is a second Babylon rising from the junk heap of failed nations?
4) Israel is the baseline focus of conflict in the world. Now that is not a surprise to you and I, but it is abolutely amazing that all this was predicted with uncanny accuracy in a 2000 year-old book. Long before "Israel" the state was reborn and before oil was discovered and before Islam was a religion, we had a book that basically predicted the Middle East predicament. Israel is indeed that "immovable rock" the causes nations to stumble, as indicated in Zechariah 12:1-5. You gotta admit, some of these Bible prophesies are worth a second look just because so many of them seem to be unfolding these days.

Conclusion: Although spiritual matters are more difficult to grapple with and prove, it is at least possible to see that we are entering into a time of incredible significance. We may indeed be experiencing the initial birth pangs which will lead us consistently towards the biggest threat against mankind in written history.

What would cause such a threat in the physical world?

Physical Indicators:
1) Peak Oil is my number one mega-big benchmark because it is provable using charts and graphs and worldly understanding. If you understand Peak Oil and follow the thread back through to...
2) the coming collapse of industrial agriculture and, therefore to...
3) the coming deficit of food supply, and therefore to...
4) the coming population correction.

Until this day, no one can tell us how we are going to make 150 million tons of petro-fertilizers on which the world's 6.5 billion have come to depend. If you are like me, then you might need a little help to understand what 150 million tons of fertilizer actually means. Well, Richard Heinberg is ready to help us understand. He tells us that 150 million tons is "...equaling the total amount of available nitrogen introduced annually by all natural sources combined." - from a paper presented at the FEASTA Conference, "What Will We Eat as the Oil Runs Out?", June 23-25, 2005, Dublin Ireland

When that artificially developed fertilizer becomes as scarce as the petroleum from which it is made, we will have a big problem on our hands. And many claim that our leaders know all about this. Hence the resource wars and the police state and the consolidation of power.

Do I hear someone beginning to understand what kind of a mess we are in today?

You see, substitutes don't exist comparable to oil and natural gas. Yet people are going about their day as if "they will think of something". Even now, at the peak of population and oil and economy, people hope that something else will replace oil and that somebody else will think of something.

These are indeed times of "great deception", a fact that leads us right back into spiritual analysis. And therefore another prediction: America will awaken ONLY AFTER the crash hits us. This is obvious.

What makes me so sure?

People in gereral and especially Americans today are susceptible to primitive propaganda tools. Watch this and be amazed...

Question: Remember that April 2003 event when they took down the Saddam statue?

Here is what they showed on the news:

Looks like a big crowd of Anti-Saddam protesters doesn't it? And you recall now as you look at this picture what they were saying on the news right? There were all of these "spontaneous" Iraqi demonstrations and celebrations. And of course the western mass-media would have no reason to project propaganda tactics upon us right?

Well, watch this....

And now let's have a closer look...

Click on the picture for a bigger view

Would CNN and ABC and CBS and MSNBC and the Washington Post and the New York Times and all of the Tribunes and Posts out there intentionally lead the American public into deception?

So, how did all of this deception overtake Americans about the Iraq war?

Well, there was plenty of accurate reporting, but how come the mainstream news outlets couldn't get it right with all of their resources? Certainly someone in the mainstream press would have noticed that the angle on the camera lens focused on 20 people around the statue of Saddam is misleading, since there were only 20 people there. And certainly someone could have told the talking heads not to present all of this like a popular revolt out in the open square against Saddam.

The mainstream press is deliberately misleading the American public. I have no proof as to the reasons, but the proof of the fact is irrefutable.

So where should we go for our news?

Check out some independent sources for the real facts of what happened to the Saddam Statue in April 2003...

"A tale of two photos" - Information Clearing House
"Army Stage-Managed Fall of Hussein Statue" - Propaganda Matrix
"Don't be fooled by the spin on Iraq" - Common Sense Almanac
"What Is Happening In America?" - Rense
"Bare Square?" - Counterpunch
"The decline and fall of American journalism" - Working For Change
"Staged toppling of the Iraqi regime was propaganda stunt" - On Lisa Rein's Radar

There are thousands of independent regular people out there interviewing and reading interviews from Johnny Carpenter and Sally Smith about their on the ground experiences in Iraq.

What are they telling us?

1) The Iraq war is a fraud. There are no WMD's... well not from Iraqis. Americans, however, are spreading radiation into Iraq by the thousands of tons.
2) We are spraying thousands of tons of radioactive munitions into Iraq and it is entering into the food supply, water supply and genetic code of our servicemen and women and Iraqi children and women and neighboring countries. This is the greatest crime against humanity right here. With a half life of 4.5 billion years, the world now has inhalable dust particles from Uranium spreading around the world, thanks to G. W. Bush and this Neo-Con Administration and the desire for oil.

Want irrefutable proof? Look no further than the guy who "wrote the book on depleted uranium cleanup" for the US Pentagon, Major Doug Rokke. There are thousands of documents out there from every credible mainstream and alternative media imaginable. Just Google search: Try this one!

Conclusion: We need to stop listening to carefully scripted, big moneyed corporate media and we need to listen to regular people like yourselves. This is simple enough for a child to understand, but brainwashed minds no longer can access simple analytical skills.

Taken together, the two above points surely makes the US look bad in they eyes of the whole world, and it should.

America attacks a defenseless and now proven innocent country on the basis with "pre-emptive" occupation and what do Americans do?

Meanwhile, Iraqis have already been starved by the blockade and the innocent are the ones paying the highest price, squeezed between the US and Saddam and oil and the full range of fighters there in their territory. The bombs being dropped by America doesn't discriminate between child and "insurgents". In fact, the last place an rebel or terrorist or fighter will go is into an apartment. But the US is undermanned so what else to do when taking fire from a city block? Level it, right? Bomb them back into the stone age, right?

America, you will pay for this in a way that you never imagined. A punishment will come due for these crimes. It is way past time to get yourselves oriented on truthful knowledge and to adjust your lives accordingly. You are already at terminal velocity towards a crash zone. At least have the humility to see you are wrong and change your ways. The crash is unavoidable at this point, and the empire status is about to become history. Your survival as a people and a culture hangs in the balance and your mindless distractions are tipping you towards the "Sack of Rome" scenario.

So Wake Up America! Give the world a break from your tyranny complex. Why don't you just focus on giving your kids a descent world to live in?



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