Tuesday, February 03, 2009

From Rioting Farmers to the End of Modern Civilization

By Tate Ulsaker

Out of the London Telegraph, the headline reads: "Greek riot police fire tear gas at farmers".

Rioting farmers... not your usual political dissident category.

The corporations have sewn up monopoly structures with both inputs and outputs. Farmers in today's petro-dependent industrial farming system must go to the monopolists for their chemicals, seeds, and much of their equipment. Then when the product is ready for sale, the farmer has a monopoly buyer setting the price below survival levels. In most parts of the world, farmers ARE EFFECTIVELY PROHIBITED FROM GOING DIRECTLY TO THE MARKET!!!

How far can you squeeze a hard working class of people before they slip into rebellion?

And if they don't rebel, then the question changes. How many bankrupt farmers will it take before the cities are starving? And of course the corporations are in no condition to manage farms. Look at Zimbabwe for that scenario.

Between a rock and a hard place aren't we, my friends?

This is just the beginning of the oil-to-food breakdown. The trajectory is still at the beginning stages now. We are shifting from debt cleansing to deflationary price pressures and into inflationary pressures soon and then hyperinflation will follow with deficits soon after and finally ration cards and then of course the brown outs and black outs and finally a dieoff in populationfor much of the world.

In the biggest picture of human history, we are in overshoot in terms of energy, population and consumption. We will trend back towards the mean, which is to say back towards the solar carrying capacity of earth population.

Of this general direction I am assured more than ever, after 8 solid years of study.

I do have a few curious questions still:
  • Will that transition be fast or slow?
  • Will our transition hurt existing carrying capacity greatly or slightly?
  • Will we understand what is happening or will we find false causes to blame?
  • Will we be ruled by the same vertically integrated systems of power or will we reclaim our local right to govern?
  • Which pockets of the world will suffer the least/most?
  • Which industries will suffer most and which will actually BENEFIT the most?
I have my own set of answers to the above and they make sense to me after years of mulling them over with critical analysis from diverse sources. Anyone care to engage in friendly debate for the sake of expanding mutual awareness?

Final analysis: It will pay great dividends economically, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually to get food sufficient as a central priority in your lives as soon as possible.


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