Sunday, March 26, 2006

We will pay for this, by Tate Ulsaker

Behind the stories of very personalized death and civil war (click for today's latest in NY Times) in Iraq, we can see the truth revealing itself to us.

None of us dare whisper this fearsome truth because to do so may bring the reality into our unprepared mind. If you dare whisper, you say: "Iraq is the training ground. We are the target." The US is preparing for how to consolidate power when the peak oil dieoff starts in earnest.

Look: 14 permanent and hardened military bases and fomenting racial strife towards an instigated civil war. What else do you need to see? This is the future of America if we don't get a clue and stop this madness of "pre-emptive war".

We are killing Iraq for oil and this crime will come back to haunt us. There is no "support the troops" about occupying a country and turning it into civil war.

We will pay for this.

Help me get the word out.

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