Friday, December 30, 2005

Understanding Peak Oil - Easy as Apple Pie!

Recently, while reading through many emails from readers on the ArkBuilders Newsgroup who are awakening others to the reality of Peak Oil, I realized that we Peak Oilers are having a lot more success this year compared to last year. The only exceptions seem to be with some of the new initiates and people who havve given up trying to awaken others out of frustration or fear of ridicule or whatever.

It is important to not give up because people networks within a sustainable system is where this crash event will eventually lead us all. I would like us Peak Oilers to continue onwards with even greater success in 2006 because an awakened people network is a powerful force. Sleep walking people are no help to anyone, especially during times of cataclysmic change. Orienting your network on today’s truth is a favor to them and everyone in their network including you.

The absurdity of all this is that nothing is more obvious than Peak Oil. Nothing is more dangerious than Peak Oil. There is a sardonic irony when such extreme apathy meets such ominous threats. The average american gets more worked up over Y2K, over their favorite sports event.

Sitting just beyond the veil of denial, we have on the one side all of this HUGE opportunity for those who prepare before the crash and we have on the other side all of this HUGE threats bearing down on those who do nothing.

So let us clear the air in here. This soon-coming crash event is clearly discernable to anyone and everyone who really wants to know the truth. Anyone who doesn't want to know the truth is condemned to live in reaction and confusion.

But if some late comers really want to get tuned into this event quickly, they should orient themselves to some of the many indicators of the coming crash zone.

  1. For those with spiritual discernment - Bible Prophecy --> here
  2. For those with social discernment - The Fourth Turning --> here
  3. For those with economicc discernment – The Kondratieff Cycles --> here
  4. For those with physical discernment – Peak Oil --> here

Luke 11:9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

Whether you are a scientist, economist, sociologist, historian, geologist, teacher, preacher, mechanic, domestic goddess, plumber, astronaut, professor, babysitter or whomever: the reality of the coming crash event is clear.

"But won't Alternative energy come online as soon as the economics demand an alternative?” This is the “endless transition” theory, common in our consumerist culture.

Let me answer the question about alternatives with the following question: "Is there a single large-scale alternative energy system that is not wholly dependent upon oil and natural gas in order to deliver meaningful energy to our industrial base?"

People forget (or don’t want to know) that wind and hydro and nuclear and hydrogen and solar all require oil and natural gas to mine, fabricate, assemble, deliver and service the highly capital intensive equipment necessary for all of those things to work.

And, as Matt Savinar has eloquently catalogued on his website:

According to author Paul Driessen, it would take all of California's 13,000 wind turbines to generate as much electricity as a single 555-megawatt natural gas fired power plant.

The numbers for solar are ever poorer. For instance, on 191 of his book The End of Oil: On the Edge of a Perilous New World, author Paul Roberts writes: " . . . if you add up all the solar photovoltaic cells now running worldwide (2004), the combined output - around 2,000 megawatts - barely rivals the output of two coal-fired power plants."
These measurements are all over the place.

These measurements all say the same thing.

We are in big trouble by any measurement.

It is never too late to prepare, but it is getting late to prepare before the crash event.

We really have no excuse if we fail to act. Understanding Peak Oil is as easy as apple pie.

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